Efficient, Fully Integrated Treatment Planning and Delivery

Cost pressures; increasing demand for advanced therapies; patients taking more control of their treatment journeys. Success amid these sometimes conflicting aspects requires a smart new treatment platform that enables the full potential of your team.

The new Radixact™ Treatment Delivery System provides a fully integrated platform for uniquely smart treatment planning, data management and treatment delivery. Using megavoltage x-ray radiation, refined beamline and fast imaging technology, the system delivers scalable and highly reliable treatment for patients with a variety of treatment requirements.

Radixact Benefits

Radixact System Brochure

Faster Treatment Delivery

Cost pressures, patient volumes and efficiency goals make system interoperability more critical than ever before. With options for rotational, intensity-modulated and image guided radiation therapy, the Radixact™ Treatment Delivery System provides a fully-integrated platform for delivering megavoltage x-ray radiation-capable workflows and treatment techniques. This uniquely smart platform enhances imaging capabilities and provides treatment flexibility — all while simplifying workflows and enabling highly precise treatment delivery for more patients.

Key features include:
  • 1,000 MU/min linac
  • 10RPM gantry rotation for image acquisition
  • 6MV system with integrated beamstop
  • TomoHelical™ and TomoDirect™ Treatment Delivery modes
  • TomoEDGE™ dose sculpting mode

Data Management

The iDMS™ Data Management System provides comprehensive storage and processing of data generated during the Accuray Precision™ planning and treatment workflow.

Key data management capabilities include:
  • Remote viewing of daily imaging reports
  • Digital signing for off-site approvals
  • Management of all patient data from a single, centralized location
  • Custom report generation — with DICOM data import/export and Oncology Information System interfaces
  • High-assurance security for patient data — scheduled database backups and multiple drives

Efficient Treatment Planning

The new Radixact System transforms the planning process by providing new tools and new capabilities — while greatly simplifying the process by integrating previously separate workflows. The new Accuray Precision™ Treatment Planning System and iDMS™ Data Management System are designed to provide the imaging capabilities, treatment flexibility and precise dose delivery expected with the TomoTherapy® Treatment System — with the addition of components which will significantly enhance interoperability and increase patient throughput.

Key treatment planning capabilities include:
  • Planning for multiple Radixact™ Treatment Delivery Systems
  • Dose calculation for multiple systems on a single Accuray Precision™ workstation
  • Treatment plan comparison
  • AutoSegmentation™ options (head and neck, brain, prostate)
  • Comprehensive contouring tools
  • Remote review and approval of plans
  • User-configurable dose volume display options
  • Multi-modality image support
  • PreciseART™ Adaptive Radiation Therapy Option
  • PreciseRTX™ Retreatment Option

System Options

The Radixact™ Treatment Delivery System integrated with our new Accuray Precision™ Treatment Planning and iDMS™ Data Management enable more patients to receive more precise treatment. This fully integrated planning and treatment platform features multimodality image fusion, auto-contouring and a high-output linear accelerator to help you treat more patients. Plus, Fan Beam MVCT Imaging and TomoEDGE™ Dynamic Jaws provide enhanced tumor targeting and dose sculpting that help more patients get treated faster.

Key features include:
  • PreciseART™ Adaptive Radiation Therapy for integrated planning and mid-course decision making
  • PreciseRTX™ retreatment with Plan Templates for automated planning
  • TomoHelical™ and TomoDirect™ delivery for continuous 360 degree dose delivery from specific, optimal angles


Optional Features

Available with all system configurations
  • PreciseART™ Adaptive Radiation Therapy Option
  • PreciseRTX™ Retreatment Software Option
  • AutoSegmentation™ (Head and Neck, Brain, Prostate)
  • MD Suite Physiscian Contouring and Plan Review Workstation
  • PlanTouch™ iPad Plan Review
  • Report Administration
  • Power conditioner and UPS
  • RIT Software Products
  • Beam Measurement and QA Package
  • TomoElectrometer and Beam Data Software
  • TomoElectrometer
  • Storage Vault
  • Detector Date DICOM Export
  • Deformable Image Registration
  • Accuray Precision™ Remote Planning (perpetual license for one concurrent user)
  • Emerald Service Agreement