Treatment Delivery

Through close collaboration with our customers, we have developed premier oncology tools that meet the needs of clinicians and the demands of any oncology department. Our portfolio of products allows clinicians to treat tumors of all sizes, regardless of their location in the body.

The CyberKnife® System is the first, and only, robotic radiosurgery system designed specifically as a non-invasive treatment for cancerous and non-cancerous tumors anywhere in the body. It is universally recognized as the premier radiosurgery system capable of delivering high doses of radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy anywhere in the body. As validated and proven in numerous peer-reviewed publications, the precision and accuracy of the CyberKnife System combined, with continual image guidance and robotic mobility, deliver treatments characterized by high conformality and steep dose gradients.

The CyberKnife System is used to deliver a stereotactic radiosurgery/stereotactic body radiation therapy (SRS/SBRT). It may be used as an alternative to surgery, for patients who have inoperable or surgically complex tumors, and in place of conventional radiation therapy because its targeting accuracy allows a shorter, more intense, course of radiation. Its unique features allow for treatments that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

The TomoTherapy® System is a premiere, comprehensive solution that is capable of treating all standard radiation therapy indications, in addition to complex cases. It is the only radiation system specifically designed for integrated, 3D image-guided, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT) and 3DCRT (3D conformal radiation therapy). Based on a CT scanner platform, the TomoTherapy System enables helical dose delivery through continuous 360 degree gantry rotations, or delivery from user-specified beam angles. These unique features, combined with daily 3D image guidance, allow you to apply highly conformal, individualized dose distributions to any target volume, at its true location, during each treatment fraction.