Service Programs

Available for purchase with your CyberKnife® and TomoTherapy® Systems are several service packages that include upgrade options, service support and tools to help ensure the success of your investment.

Diamond & Diamond Plus Service Program

The Diamond & Diamond Plus Service Program is the industry-leading equipment investment protection program. With service and upgrade options included in the Diamond Plus agreement (currently available in the U.S. only), a medical center can now predictably plan for the cost of potential future upgrades and enhancements to its CyberKnife and TomoTherapy Systems. This program not only provides an effective budgeting mechanism for the sites, it also is a highly cost-effective route to staying current with the latest advancements and providing the best possible care to patients with an uptime guarantee and 24/7 telephone support. The Diamond Plus program includes all the value of the manufacturer’s warranty, plus full Accuray service support and up to two annual upgrades, when and if available. The two annual upgrades allow you to select desired features from the available hardware and/or software upgrades offered by Accuray, increasing technology flexibility. Customer's also have access to various consulting services and training as part of the Diamond Plus advantage.

“When compared to other service support for the various equipment we have at St. Luke’s, Accuray’s service support through the Diamond Program is far superior. The Customer Support department is much more responsive.”
Cindy Thomason, Ph.D., Chief Medical Physicist
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

Emerald Service Program

Provides full service protection for the CyberKnife and TomoTherapy Systems. This service agreement combines the value of the standard manufacturer’s warranty with an uptime guarantee and 24/7 telephone support. If required, an onsite Accuray engineer is available for dispatch to provide technical support. The Emerald Program is the most reliable equipment protection agreement, designed to ensure the system is in the best shape to provide world-class patient care.

Time & Material Option

Even at the end of the manufacturer’s warranty period, attractive options exist for centers that do not elect a service program. A variety of products and services are offered on a non-contract time and material basis for the CyberKnife and TomoTherapy Systems. You can simply request the combination of products and services that best meets your specific needs. All selected services, support, products, training and other items for non-service contract sites are quoted at current list prices. A medical center may elect to sign up for one of Accuray’s service programs at any time.


Accuray’s manufacturer’s warranty coverage maintains the CyberKnife and TomoTherapy Systems at the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specification while providing phone support for both technical and application requests. Included in the warranty are all updates to both the system software and hardware during the warranty period. Periodic maintenance checks will be performed to ensure the system is operating at OEM standards. The standard warranty period is for 12 months on newly installed systems.

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Additional CyberKnife Service Programs

Consulting Services

Accuray provides a portfolio of professional consulting services for our CyberKnife® customers as part of the Diamond Plus Service Program. These services address the need to maximize utilization of your CyberKnife System and include services that address clinical, physics and business needs. The services include Treatment Planning, Remote Access Services, CyberKnife Marketing Services, Reimbursement Services and Professional Development.

CyberKnife Treatment Planning Service

We provides you with access to experienced medical physicists trained on the CyberKnife System to provide top-notch customer service. Many sites experience staffing challenges due to a variety of reasons, be it seasonal fluctuations in patient volume or the absence of specialist personnel. These realities add to the risk profile for many clinics, hospitals and cancer centers. As administrators and leaders formulate future growth plans, they often need to consider staffing models that can meet increases in patient volumes without incurring fixed overhead expenses.

Accuray’s Treatment Planning Service is designed to address these challenges in a cost-effective way. Accuray has the infrastructure to enable CyberKnife trained experts to provide treatment planning services via secure Web-based tools and high-speed data networks. This unique capability in remote treatment planning allows Accuray to offer tailor-made solutions to help you manage your treatment planning burdens.

MultiPlan® Remote Access Services

We offer remote tools that allow you to remotely run the MultiPlan Treatment Planning System from any location. Remote tools provide enhanced communication capabilities and give CyberKnife centers the ability to collaborate and outreach to remote facilities and physicians. Ultimately these operational improvements help to maximize utilization and the bottom line for our customers.