reNEW™ Accuray Certified Pre-Owned Solutions

We are excited to now offer certified previously owned Accuray equipment for sale. reNEW™, our certified equipment program, offers great value by providing the treatment quality for which Accuray products are universally known to markets that might otherwise not have access to our leading-edge solutions.

Pre-owned solutions offered as part of the reNEW program are fully supported by Accuray. The reNEW program provides complete refurbished TomoTherapy® and CyberKnife® solutions, offering:

Clinical Excellence

  • Key hardware and software updates are done prior to resale
  • Refurbished units are fully upgradeable within the constraints of the model installed
  • First class service and training

Patient Focus

  • Pre-owned products provide similar high quality treatments as our new systems
  • Effectively treat many disease sites
  • Treatments are tailored to the unique need of each patient

Economic Impact

  • Industry leading pre-owned technology at an affordable price
  • Each system backed by one year warranty (unless otherwise specified by customer)
  • Enables efficient treatments and maximized patient throughput

The reNEW certification process for an Accuray pre-owned system provides quality and value for the end user each step of the way.

Extensive hardware updates are conducted on all systems. This typically includes replacement of magnetrons, linear accelerators, computer systems, major gantry components and patient handling systems.

All system and peripheral software is updated to the latest relevant levels to ensure maximum performance.

Comprehensive maintenance procedures and cosmetic updates are performed to ensure performance and quality.

Each system backed by one year warranty (unless otherwise specified by customer).

Highly skilled Accuray technicians ensure that each refurbished unit is adequately tested to meet each performance specification.

Project Planning, Implementation and Training services are provided. (This could be subject to distribution agreements in some markets)