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On September 18, 2020 the final announcement of the Alternative Payment Model for Radiation Oncology (RO-APM) from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) affirmed the complexity of the rule. As expected, the model outlines a progressive course towards value-based care and bundled payments. At Accuray, we’ve been leading the way for nearly two decades. Our legacy of innovation has always centered on a fundamental truth of value-based radiation oncology.

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Thriving Under the Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model:
A Definitive Guide to a New Reality

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Hypofractionation is the Essential Radiation Oncology Modality for Value-Based Care

With the structure of the episodic payment model, as well as the specific language from CMS, the RO-APM aligns patient, provider and payer interests on a guiding maxim: treat with fewer fractions, whenever possible. This firmly establishes hypofractionation as an essential treatment modality for every radiation oncology practice.

Delivering Confidence in Hypofractionation

Accuray treatment delivery systems provide the critical capabilities that radiation oncology practices need in order to deliver hypofractionated radiotherapy cancer treatments with complete confidence in safety.  Unparalleled clinical efficiency of the latest CyberKnife® and Radixact® treatment delivery systems empower radiation oncology practices to achieve emerging clinical best practices, adapt to new economic realities and thrive in a value-based care landscape.

Accuray Delivers



As the pioneer of stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), Accuray technology was the first to make hypofractionation practical and precise for any radiation oncology practice. For the last two decades, Accuray has remained the leading innovator in hypofractionation, continually developing and honing technologies that push the practice of hypofractionated radiotherapy forward. Today, Accuray technologies are supported by a broad range of clinical evidence demonstrating their safety and efficacy in delivering hypofractionated treatments.



As the pioneer in hypofractionation, Accuray designed its treatment delivery systems from the ground up to deliver on the full benefits — clinical, economic and patient — of hypofractionated radiotherapy. Accuray Systems give clinicians industry-leading precision and accuracy without slowing clinical workflows and without burdening clinical efficiency.

Sub-Millimeter Precision & Accuracy

Accuray treatment delivery systems feature several industry-leading capabilities that give clinicians complete confidence that radiation treatment dose is delivered precisely and accurately as described in the treatment plan. A plan that can be constructed with steep dose gradients and the ability to minimize dose to healthy tissue for unwanted radiation.

CyberKnife® System


Radixact® System



The CyberKnife® M6™ System uses the world’s only radiotherapy robot — capable of delivering thousands of non isocentric, non-coplanar or coplanar beam angles — to deliver SRS and SBRT treatments precisely to any point on the body.

The Radixact® System uses true, 360-degree helical imaging and  delivery to deliver dose from literally any angle, setting a new standard  for delivery precision anywhere in the body and enabling IG-IMRT, SRS, SBRT and 3DCRT for the full range of indications.



The CyberKnife system features the industry’s only robotic-arm-mounted  multi-leaf collimator, the Incise™ MLC, capable of advanced beam-shaping that enhances delivery precision. This dose-sculpting ability enables clinicians to create treatment plans with significantly smaller margins and sharp dose gradients, supporting hypofractionated treatment.

The Radixact system features an ultra-fast multi-leaf collimator and TomoEDGE™ dynamic jaws for enhanced beam-shaping. Together with true helical delivery, these capabilities enable clinicians to confidently create plans with smaller margins and share dose gradients, supporting hypofractionated treatment.



Accuray pioneered the first-of-its-kind Synchrony® technology on the CyberKnife system more than 15 years ago. Synchrony leverages CyberKnife system’s unique robotic precision to enable automatic and real-time 6D motion synchronization.

The proven, industry-leading Synchrony technology is now available for the Radixact System. Synchrony leverages Radixact’s helical delivery and advanced beam-shaping capabilities to enable automatic and real-time  motion synchronization.



The unparalleled combination of precise dose-sculpting and real-time motion synchronization offered by both the CyberKnife and Radixact Systems give clinicians confidence that small-margin, sharp-gradient treatment plans are delivered accurately to protect patient safety — empowering safe delivery of hypofractionated treatments while minimizing dose to healthy tissue.


Accuray Synchrony®

Synchronizing with Intra-Fraction Target Motion — Without Interrupting Treatment Delivery

Accuray pioneered the industry’s first and only true motion-synchronization technology, giving radiation oncologists the ability to precisely synchronize treatment delivery with patient and tumor motion in real-time. Synchrony® — available for both the CyberKnife and Radixact Systems — combines fully integrated imaging and indication-specific tracking applications to enable constant intra-fraction position tracking and automatic motion synchronization of the treatment delivery beam to the moving target without involvement of the patient or intervention by the technologist. This gives radiation oncologists the confidence to deliver hypofractionated treatments while minimizing dose to healthy tissue and protecting patient safety. Unlike gating or patient repositioning, Accuray Synchrony technology enables radiation oncologists to synchronize treatment delivery with target motion during continuous, uninterrupted treatment delivery.

Accuray PreciseART® Adaptive Radiotherapy Option

Automating Adaptive Radiotherapy — Making Adaptive RT Practical for Every Practice

PreciseART® makes it simple, fast and practical for radiation oncologists to evaluate and adapt patient plans to account for changes in tumor position and size and changes in patient anatomy. Fully integrated daily re-imaging, patient data analysis and automated reporting empower treatment teams to continuously monitor every patient, identify patients that will benefit from re-planning and efficiently adapt plans in real time. This removes the subjective nature of re-planning decisions (i.e. outward patient appearance or replan all patients on their 15th fraction) and replaces it with automatically generated alerts based on predefined thresholds of automatically measured changes in anatomy.  This gives radiation oncologists enhanced confidence in their ability to minimize dose to surrounding healthy tissues, minimize side effects and ensure patient safety. By automating patient data analysis and significantly streamlining plan adaptation workflows, Accuray PreciseART technology dramatically reduces the resources typically required to monitor and adapt patient plans. This makes adaptive radiotherapy practical for more radiation oncology practices, and makes it possible to apply the principles of adaptive radiotherapy to every patient.

Shared Goals: Clinical Outcomes, Patient Experience and Cost Control

At Accuray, we’ve been developing strategies for delivering value-based care with Accuray technologies for several years. We know the goal isn’t simply to drive down costs or protect margins. Every clinician we work with is focused on clinical outcomes and patient experience. Financial outcomes, while critical, always seem secondary. We believe it’s our obligation as a technology manufacturer to provide our customers with technologies that do both — allow them to continually improve the quality of care and protect their hard-earned margins.


TDABC: A Complex Acronym for a Simple (and Useful) Accounting Method

Time-Driven-Activity-Based-Costing (TDABC) is simply a cost accounting method designed to measure the time and cost of delivering various forms of care, including radiation therapy. It’s designed to give providers insight and control as the U.S. healthcare market migrates to value-based care. These insights are important, because, in general, the cost of providing medical treatments has historically been neither transparent nor well understood. Deployed properly, TDABC enables analytics around productivity, effectiveness, cost and margins for the procedures and processes surrounding specific medical interventions.

TDABC Insights from Accuray

Knowledge is power, especially when trying to understand the financial implications of new treatment workflows. Accuray has worked with several providers to deploy TDABC models in their radiation oncology practices. Benefits of TDABC include:

  • The ability to understand and improve treatment processes
  • Clear path to standardized care
  • Optimization of clinical talent and technology investments
  • Increased staff engagement
  • Cost identification and control
  • Solid preparation for bundled payment models

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