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CyberKnife® System Treatment for Multiple Tumor Types

Testimonial from Dr. Collins from Georgetown University Hospital. He explains the benefits of CyberKnife for his patients and his practice. Summary: Dr. Sean Collins from Georgetown University Hospital explains why he uses CyberKnife for prostate patients, for different other cancers, and for tumors that move with respiration. He explains the precision and motion management capabilities. He mentions the good clinical results and better convenience for the patients.

Transcribed Text: The great thing about the CyberKnife is that the prostate actually moves as the bladder and the rectum fills and the CyberKnife can actually track that motion and adjust the radiation beam so we’re not missing the target but that means is that we don’t have to add extra margin to make sure that we don’t miss so we can treat men with five large doses of radiation so this is your prostate okay your prostate is actually moving as we’re treating radiation oncologists hate missing the tumor so what do we do we add a little bit of extra margin around your prostate so we don’t miss the tumor now that means I’m getting a little bit more radiation to your bladder your rectum and your penile bulb all areas that I don’t want to damage if I actually track when I’m treating I can use a smaller treatment margin and treat less flatter rectum and penile bulb and that improves the quality of life of my patients it allows me to treat in fewer fractions because I’m not treating a lot of those normal tissues I can give the radiation in five four actions versus giving it in 42 it really adds value to patients care because they feel like they’re getting a very highly accurate treatment they feel comfortable that they’ve gotten the best care possible and that’s why I like using the CyberKnife cyber nights really good for other tumor types it’s highly precise it has a one millimeter accuracy it actually has rapid dose fall-off so you can hit that you can hit the tumor and minimize dose to the adjacent structures this is really important when you’re treating the prostates because you don’t want to damage the rectum and bladder it’s really important when you’re treating the pancreas because you don’t read damage the duodenum and you treat people with lung cancer they’re generally smokers and they have very poor lung reserve and you don’t need to damage as much adjacent normal tissue also the CyberKnife can track things like respiratory motion so tumors move as you breathe so when they’re moving you can actually track them and just treat the tumor and limit the dose to adjacent it’s normal lung so not only is CyberKnife actually good for the patient it’s actually good for society it’s cost-effective so giving five treatments with the CyberKnife is actually cheaper than giving 42 treatments with imrt so I think it has great quality and great value both to the patient and to society the fact thatI actually use a cyber knife to treat my patients with prostate cancer allows me to sleep well at night I don’t have to worry that we missed a prostate or overdosed the rectum in the bladder I know that my patients PSA is gonna drop and I don’t have to worry about late complications that are gonna have adverse effects on their quality of life the reason why I’m happy with the CyberKnife is because my patients are really happy.

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