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Transcribed Text: When I would climb into this airplane, I knew that there was no one else better on the earth at flying this airplane. I could take on any adversary and be successful. I graduated from Top Gun in the 1986, I looked like bang and they called me Bing as it goes along with my name Bing Crosby, won twice the speed of sound pulling 8 or 9 G’s. It is just feelings that are unmatched in life. It did come to a stop. You never expect to hear those words in your life much as you can prepare for it you’ve never expected it’s gonna be you. About one out of seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. We have an excellent way to screen for prostate cancer it’s called the PSA blood test. The prostate specific antigen we can usually detect prostate cancer when it’s still curable the VA won’t check your PSA unless you as a patient ask for it so I did get a PSA checked for they recommend a biopsy when I found out what my current number was last October is 14.6 it’s that that moment of lovely three words you’ve got cancer so you can come in here sir I just have a seat here and I’m back with your head up here I took it as almost another mission your body is eating itself up what weapons can you employ to actually take on this enemy that’s now inside your body we’ll start aligning it up to our target there you’ll feel the table move a little bit the most effective weapon was the CyberKnife. The CyberKnife is the most advanced radiation device for precisely delivering radiation to a specific target in the body it uses robotic technology to identify where the prostate is and if there’s any motion it adjusts for it and treats with under a millimeter of accuracy we do it in just five doses over one week and because of that it’s much cheaper than conventional radiation therapy you don’t even take your clothes off you lay down on a table listen to jazz music walk out and carry on as though nothing had taken place there’s no scars there’s no chemotherapy issues of losing your hair dissolved natural hair loss so I’m about seven months out from my treatment at six months my PSA was at 2.2 I’m ecstatic about the whole thing just trying to get a quick I stay in touch with those guys today and we all still get together and we share stories guys get this ego and they want to ignore it all it’s okay it’ll get better get them to go do their test you are not invincible when you’re given a diagnosis of cancer.

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