Hear from Dr. McDonald on how the CyberKnife​ S7 is unlocking new levels of speed for her practice

Hear from Dr. McDonald on how the CyberKnife S7 is unlocking new levels of speed for her practice

Dr. McDonald is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist specializing in the treatment of patients with lung cancer. She has both a private and an NHS practice at The Royal Marsden Hospital in the UK. Dr McDonald’s research aims to improve outcomes by developing individualized approaches to lung radiotherapy through integration of novel functional imaging and targeted biological agents with advanced radiotherapy technologies, including stereotactic/CyberKnife radiotherapy, intensity-modulated and image-guided adaptive radiotherapy.


CyberKnife® VOLO

Presenting CyberKnife VOLO

Description: Presenting the CyberKnife VOLO Optimizer – the next-generation treatment planning optimizer for the CyberKnife System.

Radixact® Treating Lung Tumors with Synchrony®

Radixact Treating Lung Tumors with Synchrony

This animation illustrates the benefits for a patient having lung cancer treated with Synchrony on the Radixact. The video describes how a lung tumor moves during treatment and how Synchrony works to deliver precise treatment.

Radixact® Product Introduction

Animated video introducing Radixact. Designed for efficiency – new high-output liner accelerator, 66% increase in imaging speed, TomoHelical Mode, MLC leaf speed, Synchrony motion tracking and beam synchronization, TomoDirect Mode, CTrue IR, Precision and iDMS, fits in existing vaults.

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