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Treating Lung Tumors with Precision Radiation on the Radixact System with Synchrony


Transcribed Text: Treating lung tumors with radiation is challenging, tumors in the chest can move as much as 50 millimeters with every breath making it hard to target only the tumor while protecting healthy lung tissue. The rat exact system is a radiation therapy system that uses motion tracking capabilities to follow the tumors movement. Unlike conventional radiation therapy devices that attempt to compensate for emotion or stop treatment when motion occurs. The radical act system with synchrony is a uniquely smart system that synchronizes the treatment delivery beam, with the tumors movement delivering high doses of radiation directly to the tumor while the patient breathes naturally, traditional radiation therapy systems cannot follow the movement of the tumor. Therefore, they can deliver radiation to the surrounding healthy tissue and cause unwanted side effects. The Radicals Act system with synchrony can detect the tumor during treatment and uses respiratory motion synchronization to match the natural rhythm of the patient’s breathing cycle, even if it changes during treatment delivery. Before treatment, an optical camera monitors the rise and fall of the patient’s chest, while a series of KVI image snapshots are used to detect the tumors position in relation to the respiratory pattern of the patient. This information is used to create a correlation model, a 3-D map of the tumors movement, while monitoring the patient’s breathing pattern in real time. The system uses the correlation model to predict the tumors future position as the patient breathes naturally. The rat exact system with synchrony follows this map during treatment, continually verifying the tumor location with KBE images and updating the correlation model as breathing or the tumors position in relation to the chest wall changes. This allows the treatment to be continuously delivered with sub millimeter accuracy. Even as the tumor moves without motion synchronization, conventional fractionation schedules are often necessary as treatments are spread out over many weeks to give healthy tissue a chance to recover from unwanted radiation with synchrony accelerated fractionation schedules such as hypo fractionation, ultra hypo fractionation or stereotactic body radiation therapy, which deliver a higher treatment dose per fraction, are possible because healthy tissue receives significantly less unwanted radiation. Shorter courses of treatment can increase patient satisfaction and allow patients to get back to their normal life much more quickly. Fewer clinical actions can reduce the total cost to treat a patient and may increase profit per patient, while simultaneously increasing system capacity to accommodate practice growth with more patients. The rat exact system offers best in class image guided intensity modulated therapy with a binary multilayered KM MLC, which is up to 50 times faster than conventional systems. The unique TOMOE helical mode provides continuous treatment delivery that rotates around the patient. As the patient moves through the system like a CT scanner, the system automatically assists clinicians in the selection and customization of two to six K.V. imaging angles per ganzouri rotation based on the imaging frequency and viewing angles required to detect the lung tumors movement. The ability to image at any angle and interactively adjusts the position and a number of angles as treatment is delivered ensures the best possible unobstructed views of the lung tumor, while adding no additional time to treatment, setup or delivery. The unique continuous 360 degree TOMOE helical treatment delivery allows the rat exact system to paint a highly customized conformal radiation dose on the tumor, matching its shape while minimizing dose to nearby organs and other healthy tissue. Even as the tumor moves, the MLC and jaws of the radix system automatically reposition the treatment beam in real time during treatment so that the beam is predictively in sync with the tumors position, automatically adjusting to breathing pattern changes, all without human intervention, patient coaching or pausing and stopping the treatment delivery. Conventional radiation therapy systems cannot synchronize to the targeted tumors movements, these systems use uncomfortable restraints to limit motion difficult and time consuming, breath holding techniques to partially compensate for motion or periodically stop treatment when motion is observed. Even with these techniques, additional unwanted radiation spills into the healthy tissue, which means lower treatment doses, longer courses of treatment and longer recovery periods may be required. These techniques are often inefficient and costly, requiring additional equipment, training, set up and manual interaction before treatment can resume, conventional treatment systems often require clinicians to make tradeoffs between margin size, fractionation schedule and continuous treatment delivery, which affects clinical outcomes, efficiency, patient comfort and ultimately profitability. The Radix Act system delivers scalable and reliable treatments for a broad variety of indications, including tumors of the head and neck, breast, spine, lung, liver, pancreas, kidney, prostate and more. The Radix Act system is the next generation Tomoe therapy system, which is clinically proven and has been used to treat millions of patients. It’s also safe and effective when used in combination with a variety of other techniques, giving new hope to patients with recurrent tumors, even those which have previously received radiation. Radix Act with Synchrony provides the versatility to quickly, easily and confidently treat any tumor, even those that move using the approach and fractionation schedule you believe best addresses the individual clinical needs of your patients. The Radix Act system with synchrony does not require clinicians to evaluate and make tradeoffs that may be less than optimal for their patients, their practice or their center. It is designed to provide desired clinical and financial results, both now and in the future, even in an environment of change.


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