Accuray Product Cybersecurity

Accuray is Dedicated to Cybersecurity

Accuray is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our products so that you can confidently deliver the best possible care to patients. Our products employ a multi-modal approach to security that includes People, Process and Technology to address the ever-increasing risk of cyber threats. To that end, we have created a Security Advisory archive to keep you informed of cyber-security risks and the actions being taken by Accuray.

Accuray also encourages customers and other interested parties to report Accuray security concerns to their respective Technical Support Representative, or via:

To view all vulnerability disclosures please click here. If you are not an Accuray Exchange member and are an Accuray System user, join now.

Cybersecurity Policy Statement

• Accuray recognizes that trust is essential for organizations and customers to fully embrace and benefit from our technologies. We are committed to providing customers with secure radiation treatment products they expect, and to have confidence in Accuray as their preferred radiation therapy product provider. Our cybersecurity policies and practices are continuously evolving to harmonize with leading industry standards, complementing more than two decades of experience in delivering innovative, life saving, and reliable products.

• Cybersecurity is a critical element in Accuray’s approach to securing its computing environment. In an ever-changing threat environment, our development teams strive to employ rigorous cybersecurity practices, which are imbedded into Accuray’s Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL). The SDL process is now integrated with the product development lifecycle from requirements to design to implementation. Various phases o f the SDL process emphasize secure software development practices, and dictate specific activities and processes be applied as appropriate to each phase of product development.

Accuray's Cybersecurity Objectives

Security by Design

Develop Products using a Security by Design philosophy throughout each phase of product development in accordance with the Accuray security development lifecycle process to help ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


State of the Art Security 

Update security controls, features and procedures in harmony with new security technologies that reasonably protect Accuray products from current and future threats to confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 


Defense in Depth

Design Accuray products with multiple layered security controls through access control, application security, network security, system security and detection, to reduce attack surface, minimize incident impact, and respond to events. 


Risk-based Approach to Cybersecurity

Consistent with industry practices, rely on a risk-based cybersecurity approach to identify, prioritize and allocate resources to achieve measurable cybersecurity risk reduction.


Cyber Resilience 

Continuously enhance organization’s cyber resilience to address rapidly changing cyber landscape with agility. 


Lifecycle Management

Monitor post-market vulnerabilities and  provide security patches and updates in a timely manner.



Harmonize industry best practices and standards, and maintain compliance with global laws and regulations. 

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