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Fast helical imaging and treatment delivery for superior patient outcomes.

Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), featuring best-in-class clinical workflows and highly conformal treatments enabled by a unique ultra-fast multi-leaf collimator (MLC) for precise delivery of intensity modulated radiation treatments (IMRT) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatments.


Confidence in planning and delivering adaptive treatments.


Continuous 360o precision driving clinical efficiency.


Precisely treating virtually any indication and complexity.


Key Features and Benefits



ClearRT® produces clear, high-fidelity kVCT images to provide soft-tissue visualization for precise image registration, localization, and adaption. ClearRT® enables you to see more, know more, and do more.


Fast and simple planning experience

VOLO™ Ultra enables you to accelerate treatment planning and delivery with intuitive, automatic planning methods to streamline workflows.


Flexible treatment delivery

Treatment options for a wide range of cases:
  • TomoHelical™ continuous, rotational beam delivery
  • TomoDirect™ fixed step and shoot beam delivery


Real-time adaptive radiotherapy

Synchrony® enables real-time motion management with intrafraction imaging and AI-driven treatment delivery to precisely adjust the treatment to the tumor in real-time.


Superior control of dose delivery

360° treatment beam delivery with intensity modulation provides homogenous conformal dose painting and enhanced beam-shaping thanks to the ultra-fast multi-leaf collimator and dynamic jaws.


Integrated and automated surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT)

VitalHold™* package provides a solution for patient setup and patient monitoring. It also enables deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) treatments with TomoDirect treatment delivery.

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the Radixact System

Accuray Precision® Treatment Planning System

Simplify treatment planning workflows.

The Accuray Precision® Treatment Planning System provides centralized planning and control — fully integrated with all Accuray systems. Leverage powerful features, including VOLO™ Ultra optimizer, the PreciseART® adaptive therapy feature, the PreciseRTX® Re-treatment option, AutoSegmentation™, multimodality image fusion with deformable registration and plan comparison/summing plans.

RayStation for Radixact® and TomoTherapy® Systems

Fully support planning and optimization.
RayStation® fully supports planning and optimization for SBRT, IMRT and IG-IMRT treatments with the Radixact and TomoTherapy Systems, including TomoDirect™ and TomoHelical™ delivery modes. RayStation planning for Radixact treatments enables planners to leverage multi-criteria optimization (MCO), allowing for continuous and immediate exploration of tradeoffs between planning objectives.

iDMS® Data Management System

Empower your team.
Empower your team to connect, share, analyze and leverage data to unlock collaboration opportunities, enable smarter treatment planning and drive more efficient workflows across your clinical practice. The iDMS® Data Management System connects all Accuray treatment planning and delivery systems, providing a single, integrated control center for all patient and system data. It also enables connectivity of the Radixact and TomoTherapy Systems to all major Oncology Information Systems (OIS) – ARIA®, MOSAIQ® and RayCare®.

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*VitalHold™ 510k Cleared and Cleared in the EU Market. Availability is subject to regulatory clearance or approval in some markets.


Industry-leading service to support your ongoing success, from speedy install and optimization, to proactive monitoring and unrivalled on-site service, to smart upgrade paths to keep your system at the leading edge.

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From robotic to helical radiation therapy delivery, we invent unique, market-changing solutions that are designed to deliver radiation treatments across a full spectrum of patient needs.

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