India E-Waste Management Program


‘ECO Changes’ is the ACCURAY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED environmental statement. Outlining our stance on environmental management and the commitment to continuously strive for a greener tomorrow through cutting-edge global environment technologies and the organization’s unique strengths in manufacturing.

We consider minimizing our negative impact on the environment as one of our top priorities. Our business activities achieve this through technology and action. Supporting these efforts is a culture that encourages each ACCURAY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED employee to proactively initiate positive changes and create real improvements in products, systems, services and recycling.

‘Eco Changes’ also represents the efforts to join forces with customers to change the global environment for the better. Our ultimate aim is to improve the quality of people’s live while making positive contributions to the environment.

E-WASTE Management Program

Under the new guidelines of the Central Government of India, ACCURAY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED  has been notified of the E-WASTE (Management) Rules 2016. ACCURAY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED, as an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) member and supporter is committed to implement new E-WASTE (Management) Rules 2016 and compliance therewith. E-WASTE has been defined as:

“Electrical waste and electronic equipment, whole or in part discarded as waste by the Consumer or bulk Consumer as well as rejects from their manufacturing, refurbishment and repair processes”.

Managing of E-WASTE is most important because it consists of harmful substances which can bring adverse effects to the environment as well as human life. By scientific disposal of E-WASTE, we can save our environment and also prevent its potential negative consequences on human health. E-WASTE can also be considered as a resource that contains useful material of economic benefit for recovery of plastics, iron, glass, aluminium, copper and precious metals.

Collection Storage and Disposal of E-WASTE

To facilitate and ease our Customer’s disposal of E-WASTE products, Dealers / Distributors / Customers in India can get all details of the company process on collection and disposal of E-WASTE product at Toll free number 1800 203 1460, e-mail contact: [email protected], website:

Process of collection, storage and recycling

The company has collaborated with a Government authorized E-WASTE recycler for facilitating the customers on a pan-India basis to collect E-WASTE product of the company through our Logistics Partner.

ACCURAY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED can be contacted from any location within India for further storage and recycling. For this purpose, the Customer should adhere to the following process:

Place their request on the Company’s Toll free number 1800 203 1460, or to the e-mail address [email protected], to collect only ACCURAY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED E-WASTE and against which the company shall generate and provide the request ID to Customer. The Company will not oblige or accede to the request of any Customer for collection of E-WASTE from other suppliers or sources.

  • The Company shall place the above request online to their authorized E-WASTE recycler to process the E-WASTE collection from Customer designated location.
  • The contracted certified E-WASTE recycler shall arrange to collect the E-WASTE from the Customer designated location through its transporter within the schedule time.
  • After collection from a specified location, the recycler shall store the E-WASTE at its local warehouse and consolidate all E-WASTE for dismantling at its main warehouse through a proper process and system.
  • After dismantling, the recycler shall provide the certificate of Recycling and destruction to the Customer for their record.

E-WASTE Management Helplines

ACCURAY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED Helpline Toll free number 1800 203 1460 e-mail contact: [email protected], website:

Negative consequences of improper disposal of E-WASTE products:

  • Oil and gases which are present in some of the E-WASTE like compressors and CRTs cause environment pollution.
  • Toxic material present in E-WASTE can get mixed with earth, air, water etc and cause health issues.
  • Burning of rubber and plastic in open areas cause air pollution.
  • Bad impact on human beings, animals, and other animates.
  • Waste of natural resources.

This initiative is the step towards a cleaner and greener earth. This move is one of the ways to show that we are concerned and thus we request all our customers to join this the movement to make it successful by way of how they dispose of their end-of-life product.


  • This scheme is applicable only for collection of E-WASTE ’’Medical Equipments” manufactured by Accuray.

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