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Radixact® Training

Comprehensive support for your Radixact Treatment Delivery System—from go-live through continuing education.

Radixact® System Course Offerings

Course descriptions

Accuray Precision® Treatment Planning

Webinar:  2 hours

Audience: This 2-hour, virtual instructor-led course is designed for Dosimetrists or Medical Physicists experienced with the TomoTherapy® Treatment Planning System. Specifically, those upgrading to either the Radixact® Treatment Delivery System or the TomoTherapy® Treatment Delivery System with iDMS®.

Details: This course will demonstrate the new features available on the Accuray Precision system including a review of the user interface, contouring, fusion and Boolean options. Additional planning features will be discussed during the TomoHelical, TomoDirect, and Forward planning portions of the webinar. PreciseART® Adaptive Radiation Therapy and PreciseRTX® Re-treatment will be reviewed as time allows.

Note:  For more in-depth training on Accuray Precision planning, please consider attending the 4-day Radixact Accuray Precision Treatment Planning course.

This course is not part of the core curriculum requirements for New System Implementation.

Accuray Precision® Treatment Planning

Audience: Dosimetrists, Medical Physicists and clinical personnel responsible for the development and optimization of clinical treatment plans using the Accuray Precision® Treament Planning System.

Goal: This course includes a comprehensive overview of the tools and capabilities of TomoHelical™ and TomoDirect™ planning using IMRT and 3DCRT.

Details: The course curriculum blends conceptual instruction on treatment planning with hands-on lab exercises to allow attendees to develop and apply practical skills. Instruction progresses from fundamentals through advanced planning techniques. The unique aspects and considerations for planning TomoTherapy System treatments are addressed. Attention is given to different clinical applications, including intracranial and extracranial treatments, to provide clinical context for the skills being taught.

Options: This course is organized with options to meet a variety of clinical training needs.

  • Accuray Precision Treatment Planning for Radixact Systems with Introduction (4 days): Designed for those new to the Radixact and TomoTherapy Systems

Radixact Synchrony® Physics course (3 days, Monday-Wednesday)

Audience: This course is designed for Medical Physicists who are confident users of the Radixact®️ Treatment Delivery System and are upgrading their system to include the Synchrony treatment delivery option. New users must attend the Radixact® Physics Essentials Course first.

Goal: This course covers the Synchrony® motion tracking and correction feature.  This course also covers theory, delivery, planning and QA for motion tracking plans.


  • If you are a confident user of the TomoTherapy®Treatment Delivery System who is trading up to a Radixact® System with the Synchrony® feature, it is recommended to attend the Radixact® Synchrony® Physics course in conjunction with the iDMS® Physics Differences course. If you choose to attend the entire 4.5-day session, it is important to complete the iDMS® Physics Differences course pre-work before attending the Synchrony® Physics course.  The iDMS® pre-work will be assigned within 1 week prior to your scheduled training date.


iDMS® Physics Differences course (1.5 days, Thursday – Friday)

Audience: Medical Physicists who are confident users of the TomoTherapy® Treatment Delivery System and only need software training for a transition to the Radixact® System or upgrade to the TomoTherapy System with iDMS®.

Goal: In this course you will navigate the new software; identify workflow changes to planning, delivery, and data management; create a patient QA plan; address service changes to machine data; identify new hardware features on the Radixact® System; and identify physics tasks to ensure a smooth upgrade of your TomoTherapy System to iDMS®.


  • The iDMS® Physics Differences course does not include training on commissioning and quality assurance (QA), except where the workflows have changed from the legacy TomoTherapy System. If an introduction or refresher on commissioning and QA is needed, the Medical Physicist should instead attend the Radixact® Physics Essentials course. If you attend the Radixact® Physics Essentials course, it is not necessary to attend the iDMS® Physics Differences course.
  • The iDMS® Physics Differences course only includes Precision®Treatment Planning System training for physics-specific QA tasks. Physicists who perform patient treatment planning should also attend an Accuray Precision planning course. It does not matter if you take the physics course or the planning course first.


These courses are not part of the core curriculum requirements for New System Implementation.


Audience: Radiation Oncologists, Surgeons and Referring Physicians

Goal: The Radixact® Physician Training course is designed for Physicians who have primary roles in selecting patients, delineating targets, evaluating and approving treatment plans and confirming patient setup and alignment for all clinical applications.

Details: Physicians will develop an understanding of common treatment applications, adaptive radiotherapy and retreatment options.  This course emphasizes the role of the Physician in decisions involving treatment planning and delivery. Physicians will also be able to understand the use of Adaptive Radiotherapy and the Retreatment options.

The course curriculum blends instruction on concepts of treatment planning and delivery with hands-on labs.  

This course is not part of the core curriculum requirements for New System Implementation.

Audience: Medical Physicists responsible for performing commissioning and quality assurance (QA) tasks on the Radixact System.

Goal: This course provides an overview of clinical operation with in-depth instruction on acceptance test procedures (ATP), commissioning procedures and routine QA tools and practices.

Details: The course curriculum blends conceptual instruction with hands-on exercises to prepare Physicists for active involvement in the ATP as well as to perform routine QA tests. This course includes an introduction to treatment planning and hands-on practice with the Radixact Treatment Delivery System. Completion of the course prepares the Physicist to perform the necessary commissioning and testing to ensure the system is ready for clinical use.

Note: Physicists who create clinical treatment plans are advised to enroll in the separate Treatment Planning course.

This course meets core curriculum required for New System Implementation.

Service Training for the Radixact Treatment Delivery System
Days 1 through 4: Entire course
Audience: This course is available only to Accuray service personnel and third-party service personnel if contract allows or mandates this training. TomoTherapy Service and Maintenance is a prerequisite for this course.

Goal: This 5-day service training identifies and trains attendees on the differences between the Radixact Delivery System and their previous TomoTherapy system knowledge.

Details: In addition to discussions on system theory and operation, class sessions include service tools training and troubleshooting methods specific to the Radixact system. This course focuses on hands-on learning opportunities to make immediate use of the troubleshooting methods and diagnostic skills learned during the course.

Audience: All operators of the Radixact System.

Goal: This course teaches the skills required to deliver treatments and perform basic data maintenance.

Details: The three-day course curriculum blends conceptual instruction on treatment delivery with hands-on lab exercises to allow attendees to perform specific steps in the TomoTherapy treatment process. Attendees will have an opportunity to apply the skills taught in a practical, problem-solving context to prepare them to operate the system in a clinical setting.

This course meets core curriculum required for New System Implementation.

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Accuray Incorporated, together with our affiliates (“Accuray”), is providing this information and content for training purposes only. Accuray has no intention whatsoever to influence the establishment or execution of your organization’s internal health policies and procedures or the manner in which you treat your patients. Accuray does not intend to provide medical advice or physician instruction on the appropriate use of any of the topics that may be discussed during a training course. Instead, you must independently determine the appropriate treatment reflecting the medical necessity of the patient and report codes and units that most directly represent the treatment provided. Some of the training described may be provided by organizations or entities other than Accuray, and Accuray is not responsible for the content of these training programs.

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