Lung Cancer Infographic

This infographic will give an overview of what lung cancer is, what the risk factors are, what the signs are, how it is diagnosed and finally what the treatment options are.

CyberKnife 25 Facts for 25 Years Brain Tumor Infographic

This engaging infographic shares 25 interesting facts about brain tumors — from the history of treating different types of functional diseases and lesions, to how the CyberKnife System continues to provide a uniquely effective, non-surgical treatment option for these diseases.

CyberKnife System: Treating Lung Tumors

Treating Lung Tumors with Precision Radiation on the CyberKnife S7 System Animation demonstrating how the CyberKnife treats lung tumors. The CyberKnife fully integrated image-guidance system continually acquires stereoscopic kV images during treatment, tracks motion and leverages advanced AI to automatically synchronize the treatment beam alignment in real-time. The 6-axis robotic arm aims each treatment beam […]

Introducing The New CyberKnife® S7

CyberKnife​ S7 System Launch Relevant technology has evolved and so has the CyberKnife System. Accuray just introduced the new CyberKnife S7 System. It’s built on precision, motion synchronization, and the need for speed.