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Want to Know How to Provide Best-in-class Technology Without Being Locked Into One Vendor? Learn How the UniteRT Movement is Shifting the Paradigm

We all share a common vision to give cancer patients the best chance to live longer, better lives. Now imagine yourself embarking on a project to select a medical device that will be key to your clinic achieving its treatment goals. What challenges can you foresee? Purchasing a medical device is a long-term commitment – many are in use for more than 10 years. How can you truly have the confidence that what you are buying will give you the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with other innovative technologies now and in the future? The answer to this challenge is to UNITE radiation therapy (UniteRT) solutions. 

What is UniteRT?

UniteRT is a collaboration of leading radiation therapy (RT) technology vendors prioritizing patient needs by promoting best-in-class, interoperable RT solutions, regardless of brand, at every phase of care. Members of the UniteRT collaborative are committed to putting healthcare providers and patients first. This helps to ensure providers have access to the best solutions on the market so they can decide what’s right for their department. All members are aligned on the three key principles:  

  • Open Competition 
  • Open Interfaces 
  • Open Communication 

Why has Accuray joined the UniteRT movement?

Why UniteRT, why now?

Seeing patients–really seeing them–as the cornerstone of every decision has forced the RT technology community to face the mirror. How can we ensure that patients receive the best possible care? In what ways can we collectively work together to advance the continuum of care holistically and provide the best outcomes for patients? We believe that every patient deserves the best possible treatment, and that you should have the ability to choose the best-in-breed solutions across the care spectrum — from screening, diagnosis, and staging to planning, treatment, and monitoring.  

This has prompted several RT technology industry leaders to inject a disruptive paradigm shift into the marketplace.  By breaking convention and teaming up with colleagues and competitors to form a bold, industry-changing, unified enterprise. 

"A unified enterprise to UNITE radiation therapy solutions"

This collaboration aims to help customers balance the clinical benefits of specialization with the operational advantages of standardization – without the need to standardize into a single ecosystem. By aligning towards a common vision, members of UniteRT are committed to making sure that their solutions can seamlessly work together. 

This provides you with the best possible options to choose from. We want to highlight the benefits of an open ecosystem, where you have the freedom to choose the solutions that meet your specific needs, without limitations or compromises. 

What are the benefits to you?

As a healthcare provider, you want the flexibility to choose the solutions that are best for your department, without worrying about compatibility issues or being locked into a closed ecosystem. UniteRT is focused on providing just that – aspiring to build a vendor-agnostic ecosystem where you can choose the optimal solutions based on the merits of clinical capabilities. This allows you to move with innovations that continues to drive improvements for your practice and your patients. 

"Driving innovation with increased flexibility, broader choices, harmonized pathways, and improved integration"

We’re excited about what UniteRT can do for you, and we hope you are too. 

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