The Radixact® System

IGRT, featuring best-in-class clinical workflows and highly conformal treatments enabled by a unique ultra-fast multi-leaf collimator for precise delivery of SBRT and IMRT treatments. The Radixact® System treats a broad range of indications with ClearRT™ integrated 3D kVCT image guidance, Synchrony AI-driven, real-time target tracking with dynamic delivery, and VOLO™ Ultra optimization.


Continuous 360o precision
driving clinical efficiency.

Integrated clinical workflows, accelerated imaging, planning and delivery enable clinicians to achieve highly precise and fast treatments.​


Confidence in planning and delivering adaptive treatments.

Integrated helical fan-beam kVCT imaging, real-time motion synchronization and automated adaptive planning and dose monitoring make highly personalized, real-time adaptive radiotherapy treatment practical for every clinic and every patient.


Precisely treating virtually any indication and complexity.

True helical delivery and integrated wide-and long-field imaging facilitate the fractionation capabilities to treat a broad range of clinical indications with continuous 360o precision.

Now introducing VitalHold™ Breast Package*

Tattoo-free patient set-up and DIBH treatments enabled with surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT)

Now treat virtually all breast cancer cases with the Radixact® System

The most comprehensive breast cancer treatment system to enable clinicians to provide excellent patient outcomes



Introducing VOLO Ultra*

A new way of planning with Accuray Precision® Treatment Planning system architected to accelerate Radixact® and TomoTherapy® treatments. Creating an experience of simplicity, excellent plan quality and transformative speed for your helical delivery system.


Intuitive and automatic planning methods will streamline the workflow


Modern and fast gradient-based algorithm to provide optimal plan quality for every treatment


Drastic performance improvement to accelerate treatment planning and treatment delivery

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Clarity in Practice

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ClearRT Helical kVCT

The Radixact® System with Synchrony®

Prof Ricardi’s and Dr Sugie’s testimonial on the Radixact® System with Synchrony®

The Radixact® System with Synchrony®

Invested in innovation

Treating Lung Tumors with Precision Radiation on the Radixact® System

Treating Prostate Tumors with Precision Radiation on the Radixact® System

*VitalHold™ is 510(k) pending. VitalHold is not available for sale in the USA. It is not CE marked and availability is subject to regulatory clearance or
approval in some markets.