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Accuray at ESTRO 2024 | Booth #480

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Thirty years ago, the first patient was treated on the CyberKnife System at Stanford University, USA. This groundbreaking technology has transformed radiation medicine. It was also three decades ago that Rock Mackie introduced the concept of dynamic helical delivery, pushing IG-IMRT possibilities well ahead of its time. The combination of innovation and clinical partnerships has helped to provide advanced care worldwide. At ESTRO, join us at our booth to commemorate 30 years of transformative progress in the field of radiation therapy. See us celebrate here

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30 Years of Innovation

Upon their introduction to the radiotherapy market, the CyberKnife, a revolutionary robotic system, and the Radixact System, employing a pioneering helical delivery concept, represented transformative advancements. Our continuous innovations ensure that our systems deliver not only ultra-precise treatments but also unparalleled comfort, setting a new benchmark for patient-centered care in the field of radiation oncology.


Delivers SRS and SBRT treatments anywhere in the
body with true robotic precision and integrated,
AI-driven, Synchrony® real-time target tracking
with dynamic delivery and Accuray Precision’s VOLO™ optimization.


IGRT featuring best-in-class clinical workflows and highly conformal treatments enabled by a unique ultra-fast MLC for precise delivery of IMRT and SBRT treatments.

30 Years of Advanced Care

Research is an integral part to implementing and standardizing advances in care. Without dedicated healthcare professionals it would be impossible to implement innovative technologies that contribute to advanced patient care. Explore the collection of publications, abstracts and webinars showcasing the transformative impact of the Radixact and CyberKnife Systems and how healthcare professionals are making a real difference in people’s lives.

30 Years of Partnership

As we work to provide you systems to improve patient outcomes and transform the fight against cancer, Accuray strategically collaborates with health professionals, device manufacturers, technology companies. Together we bring our respective strengths and capabilities to create powerful synergies that serve our common goal: enabling patients to live longer, better lives.

Accuray at ESTRO 2024 | Booth #480

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