Empowering Patient Choice in Radiation Oncology

A Guide for Navigating the Consumerization of Healthcare

Today’s patient-as-consumer brings Amazon Prime expectations to their healthcare decisions — seeking out information, comparing options and making empowered choices about care. This consumerization is now firmly established in radiation oncology, where patients are proactively and confidently evaluating their options. And they’re not just shopping treatment options — they’re shopping treatment providers. This increasing consumerization, coupled with evolving value-based reimbursement models, is pushing providers to compete for patients like never before. To survive and thrive in this new landscape, radiation oncology practices must secure and grow patient volume in order to position themselves for economic stability and ongoing success. boots near me now This ebook provides a guide for radiation oncology practices seeking to embrace and proactively support empowered patient choice, outlining six clear strategies which can help position your radiation oncology practice as a forward-thinking patient advocate — tactics for attracting and retaining today’s informed and empowered healthcare consumers.