Empowering clinician choice to enhance clinical workflows and support comprehensive cancer care

Hospitals and clinics can now leverage the user-friendly and automated workflow capabilities of the RayCare® oncology information system with their Accuray treatment delivery systems. Seamless integration of Accuray treatment delivery systems with the best-in-class RayCare* oncology information system (OIS) enables hospitals and clinics to leverage RayCare’s powerful, centralized treatment planning suite — and it’s exceptionally user-friendly and workflow-oriented feature set — to improve patient outcomes and clinician satisfaction while driving clinical efficiency.

A comprehensive, integrated treatment planning platform

RayCare was developed from the ground up to meet the complex logistical challenges of modern oncology and form the backbone of a comprehensive oncology center. RayCare coordinates activities in radiation therapy and offers advanced features for clinical workflow automation and adaptive radiation therapy.

State-of-the-art platform

RayCare was developed to ensure high levels of stability, availability, quality and safety, featuring a modern, scalable framework that meets the demands of large numbers of mobile users and is designed to support the current and future functionality needs of cancer centers worldwide.

Purpose-built integration

RayCare is designed to connect to all resources in the oncology center, as well as interfacing to hospital information systems and EMR (electronic medical record), hospital PACS (picture archiving and communication system) and RIS (radiology information system), patient portals, pharmacy systems, label systems and billing systems.

Digital oncology workflows

RayCare enables automated workflows across the oncology disciplines. The workflows are designed to be highly configurable, and tasks for specific staff members can be created automatically, triggered by defined events.

Task- and rule-based scheduling

RayCare is designed to provide full control over appointment scheduling and the use of resources with convenient calendar views, rule-based scheduling and scheduling suggestions.

Adaptive planning features

RayCare is designed specifically to support the requirements of adaptive (ART) workflows, providing advanced algorithms, dose tracking and adaptive replanning capabilities.

RayCare Flow

RayCare Flow is a fully integrated treatment planning workflow automation suite designed to connect the RayStation® treatment planning system with the powerful workflow management capabilities of the RayCare oncology information system (OIS) and RayCare PACS.

Machine learning & data analysis

RayCare uses machine learning and data analysis to improve workflow efficiency, manage resource allocation and enhance quality assurance across different treatment modalities – medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology – with the ultimate goal to support decisions in the clinic. 

A precise partnership

The partnership between Accuray and RaySearch is built upon a long-term collaboration agreement to develop and market fully integrated solutions that combine the RayStation advanced treatment planning system with the CyberKnife® and Radixact®, the next generation TomoTherapy® platform, and RayCare* oncology information system (OIS). This seamless integration gives greater flexibility to hospitals and clinics with multiple treatment systems, enabling clinical teams to leverage RaySearch software with powerful Accuray treatment technologies. To learn more about RaySearch, visit

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*Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets.