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Adapt and synchronize treatment delivery with Synchrony motion synchronization technology.

Target tracking and automatic, real-time motion synchronization for the CyberKnife® and Radixact Systems®.

Real-Time Personalized Adaptive Radiotherapy Treatment Delivery

Over 15 years ago, Accuray revolutionized tumor and patient motion management with our Synchrony® real-time motion synchronization technology. With more than a decade of clinical proof behind Synchrony for the CyberKnife System, Accuray now brings Synchrony® to the Radixact® System. While others will use gating or other uncomfortable methods to try and compensate for motion, our Synchrony radiotherapy treatment planning technology actively tracks and corrects for it — automatically, continuously and in real time. This ultra-precise personalized adaptive delivery can help to improve clinical outcomes and reduce radiation therapy side effects, while potentially shortening treatment times.


Fiducial and fiducial-free targets can be selected for tracking.


The CyberKnife System’s ceiling mounted x-ray sources take pairs of x-ray images and the Radixact System’s integrated kV imaging system takes sequential monoscopic images at any angle to detect target movement during treatment.


The CyberKnife System’s robotic arm-mounted linac and the Radixact System’s unique dynamic collimation system adapt and synchronize the treatment beam position to the newly detected target position in real-time — without interruption of treatment.

What is Motion Synchronization?

Motion Synchronization Shifts the Paradigm Without Compromise

Synchrony® gives clinicians industry-leading precision and accuracy, without slowing clinical workflows and burdening efficiency

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Improve Clinical Outcomes

Confidently maximize the dose delivered to the target, minimize dose to healthy tissue — knowing that treatment delivery will automatically account for target movement — to improve treatment efficacy and enhance long-term cancer control.

Reduce Side Effects and Improve Patient Quality of Life

Minimize margins and ensure that target or patient movement does not result in irradiation of surrounding healthy tissues and organs at risk, reducing side effects and giving patients a better quality of life during and after treatment.

Shorten Treatment Times and Enhance the Patient Experience

Enable truly continuous treatment delivery — no gated treatment delivery or interruptions for patient repositioning — to optimize clinical efficiency. Shorten treatment times and eliminate the need for patient restraints and breath-holds to reduce discomfort and improve the overall patient experience.

Motion Synchronization Shifts the Paradigm Without Compromise

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