Versatile, efficient and effective radiation therapy for the range of radiation oncology patients.

Image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT) featuring streamlined clinical workflows and fully integrated treatment planning.

The first true helical imaging and delivery platform for radiation therapy treatment.

The TomoTherapy® System empowers uniquely personalized radiation therapy treatment. The transformative TomoTherapy radiosurgery platform is the first to combine CT imaging with a unique ring gantry platform, setting a new standard for precision radiation therapy treatment delivery across the full spectrum of indications and types of radiation therapy — including image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT) and 3D conformal radiation therapy (3D CRT). 

Integrated Daily Imaging

Advanced CTrue™ volumetric imaging technology is fully integrated into the TomoTherapy platform. This allows highly efficient daily low-dose 3D CT imaging to perfectly position patients before each treatment delivery.

Binary Multileaf Collimator (MLC)

Radiation delivered by the TomoTherapy System is guided by an innovative multileaf collimator (MLC). This patented MLC significantly increases precision to enable finer targeting, helping to ensure that the intensity of the radiation beam delivered conforms to the patient’s tumor and minimizing dose to critical structures and surrounding healthy tissues as the machine rotates 360 degrees around the patient.


Continuous Rotational (Helical) Delivery

TomoHelical™ Treatment Delivery, the TomoTherapy® System’s flagship helical delivery mode, sets the gold standard for treatment and targeting of complex tumors. TomoHelical combines continuous 360 degree fan-beam delivery of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). During treatment delivery, the linear accelerator completes multiple 360-degree rotations around the patient, while the couch passes through the center bore of the system. Continuous high-dose rate delivery enables shorter beam-on times than most other radiation treatment systems, and provides highly conformal, uniform dose distributions while minimizing dose to surrounding normal structures.


Fixed Gantry-Angle Delivery

The TomoTherapy® System’s TomoDirect™ treatment mode offers a highly efficient treatment option for routine indications — providing non-rotational delivery of modulated beamlets from fixed gantry angles, with 3D conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT) capabilities. It enables creation of treatment plans that include between 2 and 12 target-specific gantry angles, as well as user-defined levels of modulation for the plan — including a 3D delivery mode.

*ClearRT Helical kVCT Imaging for the Radixact® Treatment Delivery System is not available for sale in all markets. ClearRT may be subject to international regulatory approval or licensing processes such that the availability of these products may vary according to geographical location.

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