Adaptive Radiotherapy

Unlocking the Promise of Adaptive Radiotherapy

Adaptive radiotherapy (ART) has long been viewed as the ideal solution to one of the fundamental challenges of radiotherapy: the dynamic nature of both the target and the patient. Accuray delivers groundbreaking innovations that enables real-time ART solutions — and help accelerate the field toward a future where ART is possible and practical for every practice and every patient.

Synchrony®: Tracking with Dynamic Delivery

The Pioneer in Real-Time ART Technology

Is real-time ART a future possibility? Or is it for now? The reality is that hundreds of clinicians worldwide have been using Synchrony® technology to deliver real-time adaptive treatments for more than a decade. Accuray introduced Synchrony more than 15 years ago, pioneering the first real-time treatment delivery adaptation. Synchrony uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive dynamic delivery accounting for both patient and tumor motion — while the patient is on the table, with uninterrupted treatment delivery and without restraints, breath holds, or other restrictive motion management techniques. Accuray continues to advance Synchrony’s capabilities, including extending Synchrony for both the CyberKnife® and the Radixact® System and building on Synchrony’s AI-powered adaptation capabilities to drive innovations in contouring and segmentation to accelerate treatment adaptation and make real-time ART possible and practical.

ClearRTon Radixact®

Confident Adaptation with Integrated kVCT Helical Imaging

Clinicians need high-fidelity imaging to guide plan adaptation. ClearRT™ brings fully integrated, high-fidelity kVCT imaging to the Radixact® System. ClearRT provides unprecedented soft-tissue visualization that empowers clinicians to see more, know and do more — giving confidence in plan adaptation.

  • Flexible field of views allow for right-sized anatomical imaging and an appropriate spatial resolution
  • Increase patient throughput with faster patient imaging and registration times
  • Confidently evaluate plan adaptation and use images for re-planning, when appropriate, with high-fidelity, HU-accurate image quality for contrast resolution


Highly Automated for Offline Adaptive

Time remains the most significant barrier to adopting and using ART in more practices and with more patients. Clinical workflows — plan adaptation in particular — are time – and labor-intensive. Accuray-proven PreciseART® software uses advanced automation to streamline and accelerate clinical ART workflows. Automatically monitor protocol-specific action levels, flagging cases for review and possible plan adaptation. Accelerate plan adaptation with contouring adjustments, maintaining the integrity of original treatment plan objectives to ensure tumor coverage, minimize dose to organ at risk (OAR) doses and reduce toxicity. Fully integrated offline systems to map daily high-fidelity ClearRT™ helical kVCT images to the planning CT make it is easier to assess dose distribution variations during the treatment course.  All without placing a heavy burden on clinical teams.

AI-Powered Online Adaptive Therapy*

Our Innovation Roadmap

Accuray is advancing our legacy of leadership in ART toward the next frontier in adaptive planning. Online ART solutions can leverage sophisticated AI to dynamically change the treatment plan during a treatment session — in real-time while the patient is on the table. Accuray is building advanced algorithms that enable clinicians to lean on intelligent automation to make possible online, real-time plan and delivery adaptation. As online ART technologies progress toward mainstream viability, they will transform what’s possible and practical for practices and patients around the globe.

*Future technologies such as online adaptive radiotherapy* for delivery on the Radixact® System are technologies under development – this does not reflect a commitment to deliver products, software, features, functionality or upgrades, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.

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