Lung Cancer Infographic

This infographic will give an overview of what lung cancer is, what the risk factors are, what the signs are, how it is diagnosed and finally what the treatment options are.

Prof Ricardi’s and Dr Sugie’s testimonial on the Radixact System with Synchrony

Prof Ricardi’s and Dr Sugie’s testimonial on the Radixact System with Synchrony Hear from two renowned clinicians on how they’re using the Radixact System with Synchrony technology to deliver more precise, more personalized treatments to treat a wider range of cancer patients. Transcribed Text: Hello my name is suzanne winter and i’m the chief commercial […]

Presenting ClearRT™ Helical kVCT

 Presenting ClearRT™ Helical kVCT With ClearRT, we’re taking Radixact and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy to a whole new level with an innovation that creates a whole new category of imaging and captures the full promise of our unique helical platform.

ASTRO 2018 Radixact with Synchrony

ASTRO 2018 Radixact with Synchrony Description: Video of real treatment delivery by the Radixact treatment system comparing Synchrony and no motion compensation.  A fish is placed in scintillation fluid so that the radiation beam can be visualized.  The video shows treatment delivery to the fish when it is static, when the fish is moving but […]

Radixact® System Introduction

Radixact​ System Introduction Animated video introducing Radixact. Designed for efficiency – high-output liner accelerator, kVCT imaging, TomoHelical Mode, MLC leaf speed, Synchrony motion tracking and beam synchronization, TomoDirect Mode, Precision and iDMS, fits in existing vaults.

SMART QA: XACTLY Radixact® System QA Packages

Accuray is pleased to offer quality assurance (QA) packages for the Radixact® Treatment Delivery System to support commissioning and routine procedures required for maintaining proper system functionality.

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Industry-leading service to support your ongoing success, from speedy install and optimization, to proactive monitoring and unrivalled on-site service, to smart upgrade paths to keep your system at the leading edge.

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Learn how Accuray radiation technologies enable clinicians to get patients back to living their lives, faster. Explore coming innovations that unlock entirely new possibilities.

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The following pages explore some of the many ways clinicians around the globe use Accuray technologies to deliver unique and effective treatments for a wide range of clinical indications.

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