The CyberKnife® S7 System

The CyberKnife System redefines the future of radiation therapy, combining speed, precision and Synchrony® AI-driven, real-time target tracking with dynamic delivery to deliver precise, hypofractionated SRS/SBRT treatments for a wider range of patients and indications — in as little as 15 minutes.


Fast installation, planning and delivery


Accurate, sub-millimeter stereotactic treatments anywhere in the body


Personalized delivery in sync with target motion for every indication.

Taking Radiosurgery Precision to the Next Level

Accuray collaborative innovation with Brainlab redefines what’s possible in the treatment of intracranial and spinal cases, bringing highly automated customization and unmatched delivery precision to make personalized, precise treatments practical for every patient and every practice.

Alongside our collaboration we have also made enhancements to Accuray Precision® Treatment Planning System. We can now provide clinicians seamless image transfer and advanced features to group multiple metastases allowing smooth planning capabilities. Another advancement includes the ability to define targets along the anterior and posterior commissure. This oblique slicing will help neurosurgeons apply stereotactic atlases to define the target area effortlessly.

By leveraging Brainlab elements with Accuray Precision Treatment Planning System and the revolutionary synchronization technology on the CyberKnife System, maximizes treatment efficacy.

CyberKnife Videos

the CyberKnife® S7 System For Radiosurgery Treatments

Treating Prostate Tumors with Precision Radiation on the CyberKnife® S7 System

CyberKnife® VOLO Tutorial

Treating Lung Tumors with Precision Radiation on the CyberKnife® S7 System

Treating Intracranial Targets with Precision Radiation on the CyberKnife® S7 System