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Advancing the Practice of Personalized Palliative Radiotherapy

Palliative radiotherapy is growing in demand and importance around the world. The rising global cancer burden and aging populations, combined with continued improvement in oncological outcomes, means there are more people living — and living longer — with cancer. Accuray solutions are transforming the way in advancing the practice of palliative radiotherapy. Accuray CyberKnife® and Radixact® Systems enable precise, personalized palliative radiotherapy treatments — and deliver clinical efficiencies that make these complex palliative radiotherapy treatments more practical for more clinics and more patients.
The CyberKnife System combines the sub-millimeter precision of robotic delivery with integrated, AI-driven, real-time motion synchronization. The CyberKnife System empowers clinicians to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatments — anywhere in the body.
The Radixact System, the next-generation TomoTherapy® platform provides true helical radiotherapy delivery for 360° sub-millimeter precision. The combination of integrated kilovoltage CT (kVCT) and megavoltage CT (MVCT) imaging — with real-time motion synchronization capabilities of Synchrony® technology — enable advanced image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT) and 3D conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT).

Clinical Evidence

Multiple clinical studies show that both the CyberKnife System and the Radixact System with the TomoTherapy technology can provide excellent outcomes across a variety of palliative radiotherapy use cases:


CyberKnife hypofractionated stereotactic radiosurgery (CyberKnife-hSRS) as salvage treatment for brain metastases 
Hypofractionated stereotactic radiosurgery using CyberKnife is an important salvage treatment for cerebral metastases including pre-irradiated cases.

Local Tumor Control for Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression Following Separation Surgery with Adjuvant CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiotherapy or Image-Guided Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy
Hybrid surgery/CyberKnife radiosurgery therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for patients with metastatic epidural spinal cord compression, demonstrating high local control rates.

CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Cholangiocarcinoma  
CyberKnife demonstrated favorable results as a successful non-invasive palliative treatment for a patient with advanced cancer seeking an alternative therapy to improve her QoL.

CyberKnife is a promising, non-invasive, palliative treatment with acceptable toxicity for locally advanced unresectable and metastatic pancreatic cancer


Helical TomoTherapy for chemo-refractory multiple liver metastases. 
Helical TomoTherapy for chemo-refractory multiple liver metastases proves to be a feasible and effective treatment.

Local radiotherapy for pleural dissemination of thymic tumors after initial treatment. 
Multiple pleural lesions can be effectively and safely treated with TomoTherapy demonstrating good local control and overall survival.

Image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy for refractory bilateral breast cancer in a patient with extensive cutaneous metastasis in the chest and abdominal walls.
Adjuvant helical TomoTherapy was effective and well tolerated in a case of locally advanced breast cancer with extensive cutaneous metastases.

Expanding Access to Personalized Palliative Radiotherapy

Despite growing awareness and demand for palliative care, many patients face barriers to accessing palliative radiotherapy. Moreover, financial and reimbursement considerations have traditionally limited many patients requiring palliative care to relatively simple radiotherapy modalities. Accuray is committed to reducing these barriers to access and making highly personalized palliative radiotherapy available to more patients around the globe — and empowering clinicians to deliver palliative treatments tailored to fit the unique goals of each individual patient.

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Important Safety Information: Most side effects of radiotherapy, including radiotherapy delivered with Accuray systems, are mild and temporary, often involving fatigue, nausea, and skin irritation. Side effects can be severe, however, leading to pain, alterations in normal body functions (for example, urinary or salivary function), deterioration of quality of life, permanent injury and even death. Side effects can occur during or shortly after radiation treatment or in the months and years following radiation. The nature and severity of side effects depend on many factors, including the size and location of the treated tumor, the treatment technique (for example, the radiation dose), the patient’s general medical condition, to name a few. For more details about the side effects of your radiation therapy, and to see if treatment with an Accuray product is right for you, ask your doctor.


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