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iDMS® Data Management System

Accuray System Technical Specifications


Treating Lung Tumors with Synchrony®

Radixact® Treatment Delivery System


Radixact® Treatment Delivery System

Treating Prostate Tumors with  Synchrony®


SMART QA: XACTLY Radixact® System QA Packages

Accuray is pleased to offer quality assurance (QA) packages for the Radixact® Treatment Delivery System to support commissioning and routine procedures required for maintaining proper system functionality.


Synchrony Infographic Motion Synchronization No-Tradeoff Radiation Therapy

Synchrony Infographic Motion Synchronization No-Tradeoff Radiation Therapy


Radixact® Product Introduction

Animated video introducing Radixact. Designed for efficiency – new high-output liner accelerator, 66% increase in imaging speed, TomoHelical Mode, MLC leaf speed, Synchrony motion tracking and beam synchronization, TomoDirect Mode, CTrue IR, Precision and iDMS, fits in existing vaults.


Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital Uses First Radixact® in South Korea

Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, part of the Catholic Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea, has treated more than 500 patients with the Radixact® System, a next-generation helical radiation therapy technology, and the first system of its kind in South Korea.


CTrue IR Image Guidance With Workflow Improvements

Read about the CTrue™ IR Image Guidance, this software improves soft-tissue contrast and reduces noise, enhancing image quality, while maintaining the same low imaging dose and fast reconstruction time.

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