Numerous peer-reviewed publications and clinical studies demonstrate what many leading centers already know: the TomoTherapy® System excels for a wide range of clinical indications.

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iDMS® Data Management System

Accuray System Technical Specifications


iDMS® and Precision® System Upgrade

Read the iDMS Data Management and Accuray Precision System upgrade information including preparation, installation and training overview.


TomoTherapy® H Series Technical Specifications

Read the technical specifications of the TomoH, TomoHD and TomoHDA Systems. Provides TomoTherapy H series (H, HD, and HDA) technical specifications: system dimensions, installation requirements, Vault environment, mechanical features, photon beam, dosimetry, imaging, safety features, treatment modes, couch, computing hardware, software, QA packages, and installation services.


PreciseART® Adaptive Radiation Therapy

A summary on how automated monitoring and efficient evaluation within PreciseART make monitoring every patient practical and effective Read about making adaptive radiotherapy practical for every clinic.


Accuray Precision® and iDMS® Systems

Read about fully integrated treatment planning and data management with the Accuray Precision Treatment Planning System and iDMS Data Management System.


TomoTherapy® Breast Cancer Treatment Advantages

The TomoTherapy platform provides flexibility to adapt radiation therapy to any breast cancer patient’s anatomy, delivering optimal coverage to target volumes with minimized cardiac dose and organ-at-risk exposure.


Accuray User Satisfaction Ratings: MD Buyline

See how Accuray user satisfaction ratings have exceeded the industry average.


TomoTherapy® Quality Assurance Packages

Learn about quality assurance packages for the TomoTherapy System that support the commissioning and routine procedures required for maintaining proper system functionality.


TomoTherapy® Radiation Therapy Brochure

Read about the versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness of the TomoTherapy System for the range of radiation oncology patients.


TomoTherapy® System Performance Upgrades

Learn about the TomoTherapy performance upgrades that are designed to enhance the overall customer experience through improved uptime and more efficient serviceability.

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