Expands radiotherapy treatment like no other system in the world. 

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Presenting ClearRT™ Helical kVCT

 Presenting ClearRT™ Helical kVCT With ClearRT, we’re taking Radixact and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy to a whole new level with an innovation that creates a

ASTRO 2018 Radixact with Synchrony

ASTRO 2018 Radixact with Synchrony Description: Video of real treatment delivery by the Radixact treatment system comparing Synchrony and no motion compensation.  A fish is

Radixact® System Introduction

Radixact​ System Introduction Animated video introducing Radixact. Designed for efficiency – high-output liner accelerator, kVCT imaging, TomoHelical Mode, MLC leaf speed, Synchrony motion tracking and beam